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About Bill Thorn

To write a bio about Coach Bill Thorn would only suffice to scratch the surface of the Forrest-Gump-type life he has lived – That's why we're writing an entire book!  Coach Thorn has carried the Olympic torch, survived prostate cancer, run the Peachtree Road Race 53 times, coached thousands of athletes over more than six decades (earning a record-setting 37 state championships), started a high school from scratch, and raised a family alongside his wife of nearly 70 years, Patty. However, in Coach Thorn's own words, "I don’t like all this accolade stuff; I’m not like that." What perhaps better speaks to his legacy are the "Thornisms" he's left behind – lessons about goal-setting, persistence, and dedicated hard work that have guided his life and rubbed off on those he has coached, mentored, or crossed paths with along the way.


We're excited to bring the story of Coach Bill Thorn to the world!

About the Author

Jillian Broaddus studied Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech and now works as a travel writer – after writing in nearly 70 countries around the world – and an aspiring fiction novelist. When she’s not fitting her life into a carry-on, she enjoys running and hiking with her Husky-mix, Sadie. THORN is her first nonfiction book.

About the Publisher

Genesis Publishing House was built by two publishing professionals who have taken their knowledge and experience in publishing and combined it with years of experience in ministry. They bring meaningful stories to light while helping authors create their legacy.  Find out more here.

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